Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You constantly see tractors filling up at gas station

There are as many cows as citizens

You think of Westminster as "town"

You lost your virginity in a corn field or a barn

Cow tipping is the county pastime

In the summer you think that carnivals are the best excitement

You call the Town Mall "Ghost Town"

You go to a demolition derby and see men and see women who look like men

You know you're from CC when the smell of cow shit doesn't bother you

You can distinguish the difference between cow, horse, pig, and chicken shit

You know better then to go out to Taneytown

You know you're from Carroll County when you hate Westminster High School either because of a sports rivalry OR you just think its the most ghetto school in the area

When Baltimore County gets 1/2 inch of snow they get off, but when we get 6 inches... We're not even 2 hrs late

You know your from Carroll county when your high school is nicknamed Heroin High (Westminster High School)

Riding dirty refers to goin muddin on a Sunday afternoon

Just as many girls drive trucks as boys

You not only see deer, but you shoot deer and eat deer

You think of "Dairy Queen" as a pageant title and not a place to get an ice cream

You can name all the high schools in the county.....and know at least 5 students from each

You not only come home from college for thanksgiving and Christmas, but for a reunion bonfire thrown by your old crew

Car shows and football games own your weekend

If you've ever thought, woodbine ponds would be a great place to bring the kids someday

You know how to mow the lawn with a tractor, not just a ride-on-mower

There's nothing open past 11 o'clock except Denny's...and even then, sometimes that's closed

The idea of a 24 wal-mart seems like the coolest thing

You think seeing tractors on the road is a normal thing

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